Tokenator is a small personal project I’ve been working on to learn how to code in swift. During the summer, music festivals are everywhere and I’ve observed that “closed event currencies” have seem to sprawl to every outdoor music experience. Closed virtual currencies can have many advantages for event promoters and organizers but have disadvantages for users especially when the exchange rate is fixed at unfathomable rates to disconnect the prices of food and drinks from their legal tender value. Many events also sell tokens at a cheaper price per token when a larger amount of tokens are purchased (ie : 10 for 27 euros, 20 for 52 euros.) Tokenator’s aim is to provide instant calculation of the price of festival items based on the amount of token and price of purchase, disarmingly simply. The first available action is setting up the purchase price of tokens and amount and from there Tokenator calculated the price of any item based on its required number of tokens.

Tokenator has been released in the Apple Store. Download now

Programs : Sketch, Xcode

Scripting : Swift